As much as I love chopped tops, I’m still not a fan of baring my tummy. One of my solutions is to combine plant tops with very high waisted jeans (or trousers in general). Since low-rise dominated the aughts, somehow anything over a 9 ″ increase is considered “high waisted” although, from my experience in fit, 9 ″ usually rests right at the pelvis, you’ll need to head to at least 10 ″ to get to the curve of your midsection. That added inch though, wow, it does take a turn for the womanly by flaunting your contours! I purchased a pair of high waist jeans over the weekend, and also am enjoying them. Below are a couple of choices to flaunt those curves!


J Brand Name Maria High Rise Legging Jeans $178.00.

AYR High Skinny Pants $185.00 ( I have a set of these! They’re fantastic!).

James Pants High Class Skinny Jeans $176.00.

UNIF Peach Pit Skinny Pants $118.00.

Top Photo through A Love Is Blind.

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