OUR ranking OF THE 5 top CRIB MATTRESSES OF 2022

You may have already picked out your crib, now it’s time to check another major decision off your list. just like everything else we recommend for you and your baby, we have done some comprehensive research to find the top Crib Mattresses to help you and your baby rest easy. 

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How We ranked the top Crib Mattresses

Let’s talk about the good stuff you want to look for in a crib mattress so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you found the best option for your baby. 

Firmness– Crib mattresses ought to always be firm to offer the safest surface for babies to sleep. 

Hypoallergenic Layers– To put it simply, you want to reduce the possibility of an allergic response. This is typically the main reason for the price difference of a $100 crib mattress to a $300+ crib mattress. However, we did find one for under $150 to include on our list!

Price– Our top crib mattress picks are all just about $300, but they each offer different features. Everyone’s budget will be different, but it is something you ought to consider before shopping.

Size– many conventional crib mattresses are about 28” x 52”, but there can be small variations. You want to make sure that the mattress you choose fits snugly inside the crib for safety. 

Waterproof Cover– You want to be able to use the same mattress with your baby from the newborn stage through toddlerhood and maybe even afterward, so it is essential to use a waterproof cover to keep it in good shape. I recommend searching for a mattress brand that makes their own covers so you can guarantee a good fit.

Certifications– Ideally, you want to purchase a mattress that has been third party checked and is Greengaurd GOLD certified to guarantee cleaner air for babies to breathe for a healthier environment.

Looking for much more information on crib safety? check out this short article from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

5 top CRIB MATTRESSES of 2022

Best overall MattressNewton baby Crib Mattress
Best organic MattressNaturepedic organic baby Crib natural Mattress
Best 2-Stage Crib MattressTempur-Pedic® TEMPUR-Dream™ 2-Stage Crib Mattress
Most budget-friendly MattressBabyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress
Best small Crib MattressLullaby earth Breathable small Crib Mattress


Newton baby Crib Mattress

The Newton crib mattress is one of the most innovative crib mattresses on the market which is why it is first on our top Crib Mattress picks. No other mattress allows you to zip-off the cover and wash the entire CORE. The breathability is unmatched, and it’s totally free of all the bad stuff you want to avoid to keep your baby safe and healthy.

This mattress works for both infants and toddlers — but unlike other 2-step mattresses, you don’t have to flip this one over. Instead, it accommodates both infants and toddlers with a mattress firmness that lives somewhere in between both firm and soft.

WHY WE love IT?

Highly breathable cover and core which is the most essential part of the mattress. This gives us peace of mind that the baby is sleeping safely
Zip-off device washable cover and washable core!
Two-stage firmness, which essentially implies it’s an optimal firmness for both infant and toddler stages
No bad stuff. No polyurethane or foams. No chemical flame retardants. No vinyl or latex. No odors or off-gassing.
Greenguard GOLD certified with wovenaire food-grade LDPE core.
The cover and core are comfortable and silent! No crinkly noises when your baby wiggles around
Also available in a small crib mattress that has the same features as the Original

PRICE: $299.99 for the Original. Newton baby also sells a version that includes a waterproof cover for about $50 more. 

Shop Newton Here


Naturepedic organic baby Crib natural Mattress

Naturepedic is known industry broad as the best in the non toxic crib mattress category.   Naturepedic’s mattresses exceed all baby sleep safety standards and their mattresses are GOTS, GOLS, Non-GMO, Greenguard Gold, and green America Certified. This implies it’s a safe, worry-free choice for your baby.

WHY WE love IT?

This breathable crib mattress provides 2-stage firmness to offer a firmer side for infants and a medium-firm side for toddlers
100% GOTS certified mattress passes all government flammability requirements while maintaining UL/GREENGUARD certifications for low chemical emissions
The organic cotton fabric has a patented waterproof coating over the surface that makes for an easy clean with just soap and water
Patented wavesupport core is strong yet extremely lightweight making it very easy to change sheets

PRICE: $289

Shop Naturepedic Here


Tempur-Pedic® TEMPUR-Dream™ 2-Stage Crib Mattress

Your baby should have the best and Tempur-Pedic is a tried and true name in the mattress world. You both can catch some extra ZZZ’z on this crib mattress during the newborn stage up to toddlerhood and beyond. It’s non-toxic, waterproof, and features a comfortable fabric cover that’s as safe as it is durable. 

WHY WE love IT?

Exclusive CozyFresh™ waterproof fabric Cover provides breathable silky smooth fibers and gentle quilting for babies
360° Zip-off cover design for convenient washing
A non-toxic waterproof encasement surrounds the interior for added protection against leaks and household allergens

With the extra inner encasement design, baby can safely use the crib mattress while the CozyFresh™ cover is in the wash
CertiPUR-US certified foam materials – made without severe chemicals and VOCs, no PBDES, lead, phthalates or ozone depleters

PRICE: $425.99

Shop Temper-Pedic Here

BEST budget-friendly CRIB MATTRESS

Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress

Babyletto’s Pure Core Crib mattress has a smart Cover that’s water repellant to help with when those accidents happen. The mattress cover is vinyl totally free and the inside of the cover has the waterproof backing while the exterior is soft cotton that is gentle on your baby’s face. 

WHY WE love IT?

The soft and breathable water repellent cover wicks moisture on the surface without immediate absorption and helps keep moisture out; The elasticated seam makes it easy-to-remove for washing
This is a 2-stage dual-sided mattress with a firm supportive side for infants and can be flipped to a softer side for toddlers

PRICE: $189

Shop Babyletto Here



Lullaby earth Breathable small Crib Mattress

This one may be small in size, but it’s big on comfort. 

WHY WE love IT?

Breathable layer between the baby and the mattress. Breathable layer is waterproof and removable for hygienic purposes.
No toxic chemical odors/smells, vinyl, phthalates, polyurethane foam, flame retardant chemicals or barriers, formaldehyde, pesticides, GMO’s or glues/adhesives
Lightweight for easy sheet changing and cleaning
Overall: 24″ broad x 37″ long x 3″ thick

PRICE: $199

Shop Lullaby earth Here

Our favorite Mattress Cover

Lullaby earth breeze Air Breathable Mattress Cover

This breathable mattress cover features built-in waterproofing and cooling technology, which makes sure that they’ll have a comfy night’s sleep. It has no harmful chemicals, no flame retardants, no toxic odors/smells, no vinyl, no phthalate, no polyurethane foam, no formaldehyde, no pesticides, no GMO’s or glues/adhesives. aka no bad stuff.

It comes in both a conventional and small size.

Grab Your Mattress Cover Here

Shop Our top Mattress picks Below!   

< $189.00 $299.99 $289.00 $49.00 $199.00 $299.99 >

Are you still searching for your ideal crib? check out our top Cribs and top Pottery Barn Cribs short article to help you decide which is best for your family. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are expensive crib mattresses worth it?

Expensive crib mattresses can be a worthwhile investment. You want to make sure your baby’s crib is safe and long lasting as they will sleep on it into their toddler years.

Which crib mattress is the safest?

The breathability of the Newton baby Crib mattress is unmatched, making it one of the safest cribs on the market. Besides breathability, you want to look for a crib mattress that has been third party checked and id Greengaurd GOLD Certified.

Does it matter what crib mattress you buy?

In many cases, as long as you are following the safe sleep guidelines, any newly purchased crib mattress is fine. It is essential to make sure the mattress fits correctly in the crib with no gaps larger than 2 fingers.

How much ought to I spend on a crib mattress?

A high-quality crib mattress will cost around $100-$300.

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