What better way to set your little girl on a path to bravery in this world than to help her dress up as wonder Woman?

Here are some handy links to costumes at different price points and different levels of diy required.

Let’s start with the homemade baby costume. 

An easy approach is to layer a red t-shirt over a blue onesie to create the look of the red top and blue briefs. Plain, solid colored apparel as pictured above is found at Primary.com. buy a set of white star iron-ons to put on the bottom.

I like glitter sticky paper, which is pretty stiff, to make cuffs, a crown, and a belt, or whichever of those accessories your baby will tolerate. You can buy it by the sheet at Michael’s for about $1 per piece. On Amazon, you have to buy a 10-sheet pack. simply cut a strip for a cuff, but only remove the sticky backing on the part you are going to attach to form a loop. In other words, don’t let the paper stick to your baby entirely. use a red sharpie to add stars.

You’ll also need to cut out the WW emblem from the gold paper and stick it on your child’s tshirt. Sticky-back felt also works for this purpose, adheres well to cotton, and bends better with your baby’s movement.

This patch is iron-on and available on Amazon.

Related: I used that glittery adhesive gold paper last year to make a horn for a unicorn baby costume.

Still homemade, but not by you

Etsy is a treasure trove of handmade costumes, including wonder woman head-to-toe ensembles, like this one.

source: APartyToRemember on Etsy

If you are browsing the crocheted items, and the price is very low, be sure to check that what you’re buying is the actual finished product, not the pattern to crochet it yourself.

The pattern for this incredible wig/beanie is $4.00.

If you only need some components of the costume, Etsy seller posh Lily Couture invites you to choose what you need, from the complete set, to just the crown and bracelets.

I just want to add-to-cart

Plenty of store-bought wonder woman costumes are available for toddlers and beyond. but if you want to dress a baby, consider something that’s less of a costume and more sleepwear or romper-style.

This onesie comes with a headband. source >

Easiest possible, one click costume. Source >

This time, with long sleeves. source >

Finally, this gap.com bathingsuit will turn your toddler into a wonder Woman, and she can wear it next summer, too.

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