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Nataly Kogan has gone from Russian Jewish Immigrant to venture Capitalist to CEO/Happiness Seeker. As such she produced a extremely great app (Happier, see below) as well as spends hours every day sifting with what makes people happy. excellent task if you can get it.

She discovered these themes running with her bazillion happier posts; exactly how lots of of these can you in shape in your day today?

If it makes you happy…

Surprise somebody (flowers, a latte, a whole party)

Get outside as well as get your heart pumping (go on a walk or bike ride)

Contribute to a cause you care about (I just discovered out I can raise money for my kids’ institution by running a half marathon – inspect as well as check)

Take the time to make your morning remarkable (What works for you: music, meditation, muffin?)

Do something innovative (hooray for crafts as well as projects)

Spend time with friends

Appreciate lovely stuff all around you

Make plans you can’t wait on (see Whitney’s recent trapeze date night)

Tell somebody at work they’re remarkable (Whitney, you’re remarkable as well as I’m so lucky this is my job!!)

Appreciate your lucky breaks (good parking, the hot donut light, a long nap, giggling baby, all good!)

So, about that app. having discovered that the neighborhoods on Facebook as well as Instagram didn’t do a great sufficient task sharing of delighted moments, Nataly as well as her team produced the happier app particularly for sharing what lifts us up.

As of this writing, I have a library of 64 delighted moments that I can revisit whenever I requirement a smile. as well as a stream of other folks’ delighted times that I can smile as well as comment on. Sometimes, the app even texts me, “Hey, keep in mind that charming booty-shaking household dance party?”. That’s a great message to get.

What I don’t like about the app: I truly take pleasure in utilizing this app, however I will state that it cannibalizes my contributions to Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, as well as Twitter (in that order).

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